What we offer

ICS consultants provides technical, advisory and management support to the public, private and NGO sector to enhance their capacities to effectively deliver health services and manage change processes.
It is based in Nairobi, Kenya.
ICS has clustered its range of services around five key programme areas which include;
 Consultancies in health systems strengthening.
 Technical & Advisory Services to health providers.
 Provision of focused/targeted intervention in support of specific health programs.
 Technical, tactical and managerial support to projects and funded initiatives.
 Strategic information and support to projects and health initiatives.
ICS consultants have a broad array of technical expertise and skills mix thus allowing for clients to receive one-stop shop consultancy services and experience
Core competencies of ICS include:
• Social Protection
• Healthcare financing
• Supply chain management
• Policy analysis and development
• Health Systems Strengthening
• Capacity building and training