HEA consultants bring a wide array of skills and experience having worked with public and private sector institutions nationally and supra-regionally within the East,
Central & South African (ECSA) region. Some of our consultants have also gained experience in universities and in international NGOs.
ICS consultants have years of experience in project design, management & implementation and evaluation of both government and donor funded projects. A
successful project requires results oriented management.

At ICS, we assist our client to design and plan on achieving desired results, outcomes and impacts from
their initiatives through:
• Assisting them to define the project scope and objectives.
• Defining expected outcomes and long term impacts
• Guided by the planned impacts and outcomes, define the expected products and tasks and a clear results framework.
• Determining and allocating resources.
• Setting timelines and milestones.
• Creating issues-tracking and change management processes.
• Defining budgetary management and accountability.
• Assessing project risk and monitoring the quality of project outcomes.
• Determining and identifying needs and mechanisms for communicating critical information.
• Rewarding for performance

At ICS we believe in tailoring our approaches and solutions to meet our clients’ project requirements with most prudently.
Areas relevant to the current assessment where ICS consultants have experience include;
• Public Expenditure Tracking Survey
• Client satisfaction assessment
• Kenya Demographic and Health Survey
• Public Financial Management
• Health project Evaluation
• Design and implementation of Demand side and Supply side financing programs.