ICS has clustered its consultancy services around six thematic areas in a way that enables our client to reap synergies from our products/services and thus increased developmental impact on our client and the people they serve. Our approaches are sensitive to low resource settings. Our aim is to provide affordable interventions without compromising on quality. These thematic areas include Healthcare reforms, financing and social protection; Leadership and management for health systems; Human resource and institutional capacity building; Strengthening health systems and infrastructure; Supply Chain Management; and health systems research.

• Consultative approach

ICS develops and implements projects through a consultative approach. The extent of involvement in wide ranging depending on the specifics of the project but include players such as National level Ministry of Health where policies are formulated and steered. The County Health Management Team (CHMT), health facilities managers, healthcare workers, community health extension workers (CHEWs) and community health volunteers (CHVs) are also key players involved due to their critical role in health programs implementation. In addition, other partners and donors are consulted to ensure there is allocative efficiency of resources thus by reducing duplication of efforts.

• Evidence-based approach

ICS develops interventions for implementation based on evidence from literature as well as from the realities on the ground, ICS engages in consultation with stakeholders and communities where interventions will be implemented. We seek the social determinants to health while appreciating that every set up is unique.

• Complementarity with other stakeholders and collaboration

Recognising that there are other interventions that can lead to synergies, ICS leverages and collaborates with different stakeholders by proactively seeking linkages that can contribute to achievement of the common objective of better healthcare for all, especially the poor and the vulnerable.

• Building on the existing health systems

ICS believes in contributing to strengthening of the existing health systems by introducing innovative interventions aimed at increasing efficiency. This is critical not only to reduce resistance to proposed interventions but also for continuity of existing strengths in the system.

• Consultative approach

HEA believes in a consultative approach of program and policy development and implementation.

• Community involvement

ICS employs approaches that involve the community in the implementation of the project. This is critical since it empowers the community to take ownership of their own health, as well as the health system.

• Sustainability

By involving the community to take charge of their own health status, ICS introduces social sustainability. Once the community appreciate health services as their right, they will improve their health services seeking behaviour and increase their quality of life. ICS also promotes human sustainability through skills transfer to clients to effectively perform their role. By engaging the local leadership, ICS targets economic sustainability through advocacy for policy development, buy in and financing