About ICS

ICS Stands for InfinityCare Solutions. It is a conglomeration of Kenya and international consultants who have teamed together to provide consultancy services in within the focus area of health systems and health business development using social enterprise approach.
ICS is registered in Kenya.
The main aim of ICS is to strengthen both public and private health institutions by providing a broad array of expertise in response to the myriad of health policy and management issues encountered within the healthcare scene in sub-saharan region.

Ultimately, ICS long term strategic objective is to make our clients to be vibrant and sustainable actors in socio-economic development through strengthened health systems and improved health indicators.
ICS works collaboratively with its clients thus impacting knowledge and skills with the aim of attaining lasting sustainability. We employ participatory and evidence-based approaches to problem solving with the aim of increasing ownership/buy-in of the solutions developed.


To catalyze and help navigate organizations to find new ways to achieve sustainable positive results against current and future society’s toughest problems in health care sector.
To transform health sector to an industry whose actors make money when clients are healthy, happy and productive.

Mission Statement

We are performance based consulting firm focused in providing cutting-edge technical services and tools to leaders who in search of rapidly scalable, lasting social change. We employ blue ocean strategies to guide our clients to transform our powerful ideas and customer insights to innovative profitable and scalable business products and services.

Core values

I. Customer Service – We believes in conducting business at the highest professional levels and standard and seeking win-win for all customers.
II. Innovation – InfinityCare believes in the principle of improving on the best technology and challenging the tradition by constantly seeking better approaches to deliver services to clients.
III. Integrity – We believe in honesty, fairness, equity, trust and mutual respect in all our business transactions.
IV. Partnership – at InfinityCare partnership, networking is our firm’s backbone, we build on it daily knowing that no organization can succeed in isolation

Current Business Model

InfinityCare believes in business that solves community or societal problems while making profit or surplus. Hence, our business model is Social enterprise/ shared value or shared capitalism.
Our area of operation is mainly health sector targeting Foundations, Governments, Private business SMEs that serve 85% of the populations in developing countries.
We leverage Technology, trusted social networks and structures and innovative financing channels to create unprecedented value for our customers.
Our approach and strategies are designed to improve access, reduce operation costs and minimize/eliminate use of paper and the requirement for customers to travel to physical offices for services or goods.
We optimize customers service by combining the enormous computing power of computers with the unique human touch and skills motivated staff.